Date: 3rd September 2008 at 12:17am
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Exeter City currently boast an average League Two gate of over 5,000.

It won’t last beyond Saturday – when we’ll almost certainly get a crowd of less than 4,750 against Accrington, sending the figure down into the 4,000s.

City’s average of 5,122 is the sixth highest in the division. In fact, if we’d taken 750 rather than 1,250 fans to Bournemouth, we’d have been above them too.

The club set City fans a target of keeping the average of home fans (excluding away supporters) over 4,000 until Christmas.

At present, we’re getting a little over 4,500 home supporters. Sorry to say, unless City’s form picks up a little, that number is likely to slide back to the Conference norm of around 3,500 fairly swiftly.

The full League Two attendance table can be found under ‘Attendances’ on the Club Menu tab above.


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