Date: 6th February 2014 at 2:58pm
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Following our recent postponements the club have given an early update, saying that as things stand as of this afternoon, the St James’ Park playing surface is perfectly playable and the Portsmouth game remains on.

There has been light rain so far today, but that hasn’t affected the playing surface, and there is no pitch inspection planned ahead of the weekend’s game as things currently stand.

Our groundstaff continue to work on the pitch to aide drainage, and are taking all measures available to them to aide the pitch remaining in this condition for Saturday and they will be undertaking similar efforts tomorrow.

This has also included the temporary borrowing of Somerset CCC’s ‘Blotter’ to help remove rainwater from the grass.

Short of running around with a blow touch to evaporate the rain drops as they fall there isn’t much else they can do when it comes to being ready to tackle the heaven’s opening should they choose to between now Saturday.

With obvious concerns though ahead of recent matches being called off, the club will be giving regular updates as and when necessary so fans are completely clued in to what’s going on, and the club encourages folks to check for updates.

Tickets are still available for the game, and fans can still book them with the ‘in advance’ discount.